Interaction between idea makers and investors in the field of stone extraction will be promoted
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The innovative event for increasing the productivity of stone extraction will be held in July 2019 with the goal of creating interactions between idea makers and designers with investors and technology demanders.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs,this festival will be held by the national technomart of Iran and with the support of the Vice-Presidency in July 2019 and the relationship between industrialists and investors in the field of stone extraction will be strengthened.  


Innovation and increase of productivity in stone extraction, new technologies in line with increase of productivity in stone production, machineries of the production and packaging lines, new methods of waste recycling and eliminating their environmental challenges and automation of production line of decorative stones are some of the topics of the event.


festival of stone innovation


The existence of business consulting for conducting market studies and economic feasibility of projects, participation of the faculty members of Isfahan University of Technology in projects as scientific advisors, holding a training course for selected projects to enhance the attractiveness of the project for investors, and existence of facilities to complete documents to present and introduce the projects to investors and industrialists are among the features of holding the festival for idea makers and technologists.


In addition, meeting the technological needs and problems in the industry by presenting new designs and products, observing investment opportunities in the technologies provided, organizing negotiation meetings with different designs for optimal selection and using the capacity of technology to reduce the research and development costs are some of the benefits of holding the festival for industrialists and investors.


Actual and legal designers and innovators who are eager to attend the festival can fill the form and send it to the event through the email address of Isfahan@techmart.ir until May 31st, 2019.


For more information, please refer to http://sdiric.ir/stonefestival.


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