Production of advanced and technological food and drug goods is accelerated
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Establishment of Actoverco Accelerator with the agreement between the biotechnology development headquarter and Actoverco Food and Drug Co.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the vice president for science and technology affairs visited Actoverco advanced drug production factory and its production lines and various sections during his trip to Alborz Province. In this visit, an agreement was made to support the development of knowledge-based productions and developmental activities of Actoverco Drug Co., as well as supporting the domestication and benefiting from new and knowledge-based technologies.


In addition, an agreement was made between the biotechnology development headquarter and food and drug sections of Actoverco Group for producing food and drug knowledge-based products with the cooperation of the ministry of health.


This technological unit covers many companies, and in addition to producing advanced drug materials and food products with advanced domestic technologies, the company presents the products to the domestic and foreign markets.


Actoverco has presented its pharmaceutical products to patients using packaging technologies in a variety of forms, including vaccine, serum, pills, and capsules.


This specialized accelerator is a place for food and pharmaceutical startups to meet the needs of the country, to create added value, to increase the employment of university graduates in this field.


Actoverco operates in the field of producing and supplying more than 190 drugs in 14 different healthcare areas, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, organ transplantation, MS, nerves, domestic, gynecology, and certain diseases. There are currently more than 4,000 specialized and educated human resources in the Actoverco Pharmaceutical Group.


Actoverco Accelerator


Two Livestock Recombinant Drugs Are Unveiled

Two livestock recombinant drugs were unveiled in the presence of Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, Saeed Namaki, minister of health, and the governor of Alborz. The mentioned drugs had the names of “serum of poison of scorpion and snake” and “PRP” for treating plague of small ruminants and were produced by technological companies of PersisGen Accelerator based in BehnoodGen growth center were unveiled.


During the ceremony, Sattari expressed: our youth has entered the field of producing recombinant drugs, and we have achieved a position that pharmaceutical accelerators can meet the needs of the country in terms of providing the essential and sanctioned drugs with the help of accelerators.


Sattari also mentioned: these accelerators have provided the necessary environment for a considerable number of post-doctoral graduates and their innovations. Supporting and guiding 200 PhD graduates is one of the achievements of PersisGen Accelerator, which has been able to bring innovation and added value to the country.


According to the president of the national elites foundation, concepts such as innovation factories and accelerators are followed up similar to the past. With the cooperation of relevant organizations, especially those in the field of drug and health, the path to the production of drugs and entering them to the market will be paved by the efforts of the ministry of health. 


The vice president for science and technology affairs explained the extraordinary cooperation with the food and drug organization to carry out the mechanisms for drug registration, asserting: with the coordination of the ministry of health and food and drug organization, a considerable number of drugs have been entered into the market by startups and accelerators of the field.


Meeting the Industries’ Needs to Adsorbents by Inaugurating a Domestic Production Line

Gohar Saram Knowledge-based Co., which is active in three fields of adsorbents, protective and catalytic guards in the field of oil, hosted Sattari during his trip to Alborz Province. These products are mostly used in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.


During this trip, Sattari opened the production line for Molecular Sieve Carbon Adsorbent produced by Gohar Saram knowledge-based Co.


The vice president for science and technology affairs also visited Rana Agro-Industry Corp., which is one of the largest research and production centers active in the field of plant reproduction.


In meeting with the technologists of the mentioned group, the meeting attendees talked about the areas of development for advanced technologies of seedling planting.


Activists of this organization shared their concerns regarding production improvement and export increase, and Sattari put the necessary follow-ups on the agenda. 



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